Nick Vujicic at the NSC Olimpiyskiy for Olerom

Nick Vujicic's first public performance in Ukraine

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250 volunteers
5 unique concerted items
20 partners
170 members of the media
10 000 participants

The daily program has been successfully implemented in accordance with the schedule.
More than 10 000 spectators, including about 4 00 people with disabilities, came to the evening show.
Organizers created the new Ukrainian record: “The biggest number of spectators on the wheelchairs (300) at the venue at the same time”
About 100 media representatives has been presented at the press conference and every one gave a very positive feedback about the event.
Nick Vujicic gave the highest estimation to the team and confirmed his decision to continue to work with team as with the key contact in Ukraine.
“Thank you” video posted on the official facebook page of the company:

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